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What Is a Ringdama?

Every culture has their version of the ball and cup game. The RingDama is the next step in the evolution of an ancient tradition of toys. Utilizing elements of popular toys like the KenDama and Yo-Yo, the RingDama builds on those concepts by making the toy a part of you. By placing the ring on your finger, it becomes an extension of your body.


The RingDama consists of four parts: the ball, the
ring, the string, and the adjustable strap. The cup straps firmly to
your finger with a comfortable strap, and is also connected to the cup with a pliable 18″ string. The length of the string allows you to swing the ball in any direction, and the cup’s multi-groove base is specially crafted to allow you to catch the ball with infinite possibilities.


It’s more than just a game. The RingDama provides
satisfying flow techniques, impressive trick opportunities, and even has zen-like meditative effects. The best part is that the RingDama
accommodates all ages* and skill levels.

*Ages 8+


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