Sold as a full set. Includes 1 flowerstick and 2 handsticks.


The Juggle Dream Picasso is a fantastic and great value flower stick from Juggle Dream. Flower sticks share many of the same techniques as devil sticks but the tassels on each end of the flower stick help to slow the stick's rotation making some tricks easier and previously impossible tricks, possible!


The Picassos have a grippy silicone covering over the entire length of the flowerstick and the hand sticks (which are supplied with the flowerstick). This grip further enhances play and makes tricks more accessible than with a slippery devil stick.


The decoration on these flower sticks gives them their name. The bright, hand-painted shaft is overlaid with metallic colours making these sticks look like works of art! The handles are neatly finished with plastic end caps.


At 64cm (25.2") the Picasso flower sticks are short enough for advanced body moves (armcurls, fishtails, behind the back helicopter etc.) but long enough not to be too fast for beginners.


Stick Length: 25.2"

Stick Weight: 6.3oz

Handstick Length: 16.1"

Handstick Weight (per stick): 2.2oz

Picasso Flowersticks with Handsticks