Want to add shimmer AND shine to your look? Want to try glitter lips without the mess of dry glitter? Meet PaintGlow’s best selling Glitter Lipstick - a transparent lipstick coated with tiny speckles of our favorite ever accessory...glitter! With the benefit of being comfortable to wear and easy to apply, don’t be the last to get in on the hottest and glitziest beauty trend of the decade.


We love the glitter lip trend, but while it’s hard to argue against the fact that glitter makes everything better, there might be some initial reservations amongst first time users. How long does it stay on? Are glitter lips really suitable for a night out to my favorite local bar? What if the glitter falls into my Raspberry Mojito?


With PaintGlow’s Glitter Lipstick, there is no need to fret. This fabulous pocket sized product will give you the option of either a bold or subtle shimmer. One coat will add a light undertone to your lips, while 3-4 coats will give you a mesmerizing glow. As for how long it stays on, that is up to you! The lightweight texture and a creamy finish means that it will last just like a normal lipstick, staying put all night long.


Expert Tip: how to apply Glitter Lipstick

Here at PaintGlow, we love to share our insider knowledge so here are a few tips on how to get the best glitter lips looks:

  • To ensure that your Glitter Lipstick lasts as long as possible, it’s
    important to condition your lips beforehand. You can do this by
    applying a sugar scrub to your lips and lightly exfoliating using a
    toothbrush. This will resolve any dryness and provide the perfect base for a long-lasting plumping lipstick.
  • After applying the lipstick, use a small angled brush with concealer to clean the edges around your mouth. This will make your luscious glitter pout stand out even more.

PaintGlow Glitter Lipstick

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