Sold as a set. Includes 1 flowerstick and two handsticks.


The Juggle Dream Neo flowersticks are great value flower sticks that come supplied with a pair of hand sticks to control the central stick. They glow brightly under UV light and at dusk and dawn when the ambient UV light is most noticeable.


The Neos share the same design as the Juggle Dream Picasso flowersticks they both have a super strong fibreglass core so they are virtually unbreakable, only the Neos come in fluorescent colours. On both models the flowerstick and hand sticks are covered in grippy silicone that makes most tricks easier compared to using a devilstick. The tassels on these flowersticks are made from psuede and add weight to the ends of the stick as well as slowing the rotation to make this flowerstick very responsive.


The central flowerstick is 25.6" (65cm) long which is a good all-round length. It's short enough for advanced moves but not so short and fast it hampers more basic flowerstick tricks.


Stick Length: 25.6"

Stick Weight: 6.7oz

Handstick Length: 16.1"

Handstick Weight (per stick): 2.1oz

Neo Fluoro Flowerstick with Handsticks