Sold as a pair.


The Firetoys Naked S Staffs are made from the same high quality
aluminum as all their other staffs. The aluminum is machine and then hand polished to a brilliant shine for that truly mesmerizing finish.


These S-Staffs are made from a single piece of aluminum so are

stronger than previous designs. However, due to their shape we recommend that you do not throw these aluminum s staffs as they may become misshapen if repeatedly dropped from height.Each curve is a semi-circle so two together create a perfect sine-wave shape. This means that you can isolate perfect circles and other geometric shapes to create some fascinating illusions.The Firetoys Naked S-Staffs are fitted with diskreet fiberglass plugs and silver caps to finish off the ends.


These Naked Aluminum S-Staffs now come with internal "silencers" removing the high pitched "ting" previous models made when the two staffs collided.Spinning S Staffs is very different to normal staff spinning. Moves should be slow, graceful and very controlled - focussing on creating shapes and patterns with the two staffs. When mastered the resulting performances are mesmerizing and unique to S-shaped props.The standard size s-staffs are preferred by most people as they are a little more manageable than the large size. We would certainly recommend the standard size for people shorter than about 5'7" (170cm) as buzzsaw moves become awkward with the large size.


Length: Standard 2'7"

Width: 27 cm (11 in)

Weight: 11.3 oz (each staff)

Naked Aluminum S-Staff