On a budget? Start with 2 flowlights, and get more later. Each flowlight has 30 designer modes, all adjustable, with kinetic awareness and many features to illuminate your flow. The collapsible contact staff breaks down into shorter pieces for travel and can be converted into MANY other props, including different length staffs.


Flowlights are modular and interchangeable. You can quickly twist off the lights and caps, and add them to a variety of poi, flowchucks, and other staffs enabling you to save money while having many different props to play with.


Sold individually. Includes: 2 flowlights, flowcaps w/fla, 2x3.5' staff
ends w/ double mass, 2 staff connectors, 4.5' contact staff handle,
warranty card, batteries, & charger. *polysealed

LED Collapsible Contact Staff- 2-flowlights