Hipsacks are the 21st century fannypack. Essential gear for poi spinners, festival goers, urban ninjas and anyone who wants to free their hands to follow their dreams.


2016 improvements: New hipsacks can now safely and comfortably hold iPhone 6plus and Samsung Galaxy 6 phones!

Features: Multiple USEFUL pockets that fit your camera, phone, wallet, passport and other valuables. There are also secure internal pockets and several loops for keys, lights and more. Plus a larger pocket that carries your poi! Yes, your podpoi can fit :)

Designed by Nick Woolsey of Playpoi, hipsacks are versatile, comfortable, stylish and practical. Sizing is adjustable from approx. 29"-40" waist with standard laces - you can use longer laces and hipsacks extensions for larger waist sizes.

Hipsack- Black

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$40.59Sale Price