The Pirouette is the ideal clubs for aesthetes, speed-jugglers, and solo juggling with five or more clubs. There is hardly any circus school in the world where they do not juggle with this club. The very first club completely in white appears rather elegant in stage performances. And that’s not the only reason why it’s approved and loved all over the world: It’s recommended by professional jugglers. The grooves provide more texture and grip for half-turn catches.

Die Pirouette Grip Training differs from Play's well-known Pirouette Training through its soft body with special groove design. Thereby
the body has maximum grip and is smoothly catchable with 1/2, 1 1/2, ... turns. For this the Pirouette Grip is perfect for many new tricks, Combat or Volley Club. As an additional option it is possible to snap in o-rings in the circular grooves, to protect the body, to make them more heavier, or just for decoration.

The Pirouette Grip is 52cm long and weights 218g.

Sold individually.

Henry's Pirouette Grip Training Club