Sold as a pair.


Made from high quality 1/4" (6mm) smooth braided polyester rope and a heavy weight stage ball end these poi spin really nicely.

The weighted silicone handles are fitted with an integrated bearing providing exceptional durability as well unparalleled smooth rotation.The elimination of any external links or swivels makes these poi feel really clean (no clunkiness or clicks when hyper looping or performing hand wraps).


The larger 3.9" (100mm) ball ends offer great visibility and extra weight.


The length size is for the entire length of the poi - measuring from end to end.


Ball Diameter: 3.9" (100mm)

Individual Poi Weight: 8.8oz

Individual Handle Weight: 1.75oz

Firetoys Contact Poi- 100mm

$32.99 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price