Made by Firetoys. 24 in (61 cm)- pair. Loop handles. Oval Link Chain tether.


High quality, professional fire poi made with 5 feet of folded 2 inch
wick, known as a cathedral wick, on each head. Cathedral wicks give a large flame to volume ratio and a good burn time.


The high quality twisted link chain is amazingly strong and hard
wearing. It's also great for hyperloops, air wraps and stalls. The super smooth swivel is TIG welded to the chain, removing all the excess components leaving you with a set of sleek, strong poi with wicks measuring 2.4" x 2" x 2".


They've kept the quick link that joins the chain to the burner so use them with all your fire poi. Simply undo the link (pilers may be needed) and securely reattach poi heads of your choice!

The handles are made from strong but comfortable nylon.


Like all Firetoys products, the Cathedral Wick Fire Poi have been designed to be as safe, strong and durable as possible. Due to the flame size it's recommended that only experienced spinners use these poi.


Sold as a pair.


Poi Wick Width: 2"

Wick Length (per head): 59"

Poi Weight (per pair): 14.1oz

Firetoys 24" Cathedral Fire Poi