12 Different Sets. Each/printed box includes 4 Easy-To-Do Tricks.


Set 7: Includes: Water In The News (water poured into a newspaper vanishes then reappears), Traveling Coins (a coin placed in a ring and covered by a card, vanishes), Dizzy Compass (this wacky compass changes directions in a funny and magical way), Stoplight (colored spots on this paddle magically change three times). Includes illustrated instructions. Ages 8+


Set 8: Includes: Magic Lollipops (the magician shows three lollipops in a bag, all but one vanish), Magic Chain Escape (escape from chains and a lock like Houdini), Spirit Slate (a spirit magically writes a message on a chalk board), Magic Coin Bank (a coin dropped in a bank will vanish and reappear). Includes illustrated instructions. Ages 8+


Set 9: Includes: Magic Linking Rings (3 rings magically link and unlink), Magic Rope & Vase (a rope is dropped into a vase and the rope & vase magically stick together), Magic Card Frame (a pencil is pushed through a signed playing card and plastic window - the card has a hole but not the window), Magic Ball Escape (a ball threaded on two cords and placed in a clear box, magically escapes). Includes illustrated instructions. Ages 8+


Set 10: Includes: Magic Eggs and Scarf (a scarf, shown on both sides, produces several eggs, then the eggs disappear), Floating Paper Clip (a paper clip placed on a playing card magically floats above the card), Magic Water Jug (all the water in a jug is poured out, yet the jug is emptied several more times), Magic Coin Box (a coin dropped into a box magically penetrates thru the magician's hand). Includes illustrated instructions. Ages 8+


Set 11: Includes: Magic Racing Tube (2 different colored beads are dropped into a tube, then a third bead added - magically the third bead exits the tube first), Magic Miracle Dice
(five dice are placed into a box with all the same number up - the box is covered and shaken - when opened the dice are now in 1-5 order), Magic Coin Paddle (a paddle is shown with a coin on each side - magically, the coins vanish and reappear), Magic Beads Illusion (3 beads are threaded on 2 strings - magically all the beads escape the strings). Includes illustrated instructions. Ages 8+


Set 12: Includes: Magic Crystal Box (a ball vanishes from a clear box in a very magical way), Magic Rattle Bars (the magician shows three bars, one rattles, two don't - spectators cannot keep track of the rattling bar), Magic Melting Coin (a coin is slid into a box and a sword is pushed through the coin - the sword is removed and the coin is unharmed), Magic Cups & Balls
(balls magically vanish, appear and multiply under three cups, then a surprise finish). Illustrated instructions included. Ages 8+

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