Set 1: A special selection of 5 easy-to-do magic tricks for the beginner: Magic Cups & Balls (balls magically vanish, appear and multiply under three cups - with a surprise finish), Magic Coin Paddle (a paddle is shown with a coin on each side - magically the coins vanish and reappear), Coin Base (a penny placed on a base changes into a dime), Spikes Thru Coin (a coin is put in a canister and 5 spikes are pushed through - the coin is removed unharmed), Computer Age Cards (these special cards will reveal a person's age). Includes instructions. Ages 6+


Set 2: This second set in the Easy Magic Set line offers 5 more amazing tricks: Ball & Vase (a ball magically appears and vanishes from a vase), Magic Snapper (a puzzling magic trick that only the magician can do), Crystal Coin Case (a coin escapes from a case), Escape Rings (2 rings are tied to a magic wand with rope - they escape in a magical way), Fortune Cards  (a spectator concentrates on one piece of fruit from many on several cards and the magician is able to reveal the person's thoughts). Includes instructions. Ages 6+


Set 3: This third set in our Easy Magic Set line offers 5 more great tricks: Rabbit From The Hat (produce a rabbit from a hat that was shown empty), Arabian Cards (3 cards are shown and a spectator remembers the middle card - magically, the card changes), Ball Escape (a ball is threaded on two cords, then sealed in a box, then the cords are tied around the box - magically the ball and box  escape from the cords), Rings & Coins (a coin appears and   disappears by using two rings and a card), Water Tube (a borrowed bill is placed in a tube and capped - when opened the bill has changed into water). Includes instructions. Ages 6+

Easy Magic Sets

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