A pair of all-new revolutionary flowlight-full spectrums in crystal
cases - diffused, protective covers designed for glowstickers,
"stringers" and poi spinners who enjoy lightweight rigs.

Comes with flowleash with swivelled handles, and rechargeable batteries and charger. Sold as a pair.

The next evolution of the flowlight, the flowlight-FS is a modular,
interchangeable and versatile LED glowstick with many beautiful
adjustable modes and colors, kinetic awareness, battery level indicator, and more. So much beauty and intelligence packed into the world's first LED glowstick!


Flowlights give flowtoys a good heft, but if you like a heavy feel to your tools, you can add flowmass to the ends of your flowtoys - where they count- to give them more momentum. Each mass weighs 30g.


The mass can be installed onto crystal cases, all flowpoi, staffs and other-tubing based flowtoys.

Crystal Poi with Flow Mass