If you love the grace of a short string wand, you will LOVE the long string wand. More string means you're able to do multiple body wraps, and have more potential for reeling in and letting go.


The original levitation stick designed specifically for flowing and dancing (rather than magic), Flowtoys' flow wand™ is often imitated, but never duplicated!


Long-string flow-wands™ (not recommended for beginners) come with a 9' string. Long string wands do not include a finger loop, as it's not needed for long string practice.


The classic wands come in classic silver, classic gold, and silver sparkle.


The classic silver is the original flow-wand with rainbow holographic silver sheen that bursts into slivers of rainbow when hit by a light source. Amazing in sunlight.


The silver sparkle is covered in tiny rainbow hoops that sparkle in any light.


Note: The black string is chosen for its strength and durability - invisible magician's thread is too weak and will break with active play. We tried using white, silver, and grey string and fishing line, and surprisingly they are more visible than black as they catch and reflect light. The wand is not designed specifically for magic, but rather for movement. The magic is in your movement :)


No finger loop (not necessary for long string).

Classic Long String Flow-wands